Systemic planning

The book in brief

SYSTEMIC PLANNING presents principles and methodology for planning in a complex world. It sets out what is called a systemic approach to planning, among other things, by applying “hard” and “soft” methodologies and techniques in combination. Now the book is available in an updated and enlarged Second Edition. The book is written for Ph.D. and graduate students in engineering, business and other fields, and it is useful for all professionals, across a wide range of employment areas, who share an interest in renewing planning practice. Such an endeavour is seen as both important and timely, recognising that many complex planning tasks make it necessary for organisations – whether public or private – to engage in planning to prepare proactive, long-term decision-making.

The author, dr. techn. Steen Leleur, is professor of decision support systems and planning at the Technical University of Denmark. On the basis of recent developments in systems science and research in planning theory and technical modelling, he presents a research-based but highly practical framework for planning which takes explicit account of complexity and uncertainty. Such an approach to planning is needed in a wide range of today’s application areas in society and business.

In the review of the First Edition (2005) in the international journal “Emergence, Complexity and Organization” the outline of systemic planning was praised by the international systems practitioner and industry consultant Bruce McKenzie as “… having a strong internal logic”. Furthermore, Professor Michael C. Jackson from the Business School, University of Hull, known for its worldclass systems programme, characterised SYSTEMIC PLANNING as being “… an excellent exposition of modern systems thinking in the context of planning”.

In this Second Edition the text has been extended in response to the wide-ranging feedback on the suggested systemic framework for planning renewal.

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